The music and video of Alec Krok

In a previous job, I had the opportunity to meet and work with Aiken musician Alec Krok. I worked with him to produce a music video for his song "Dress Me Up and Take Me Out". 

It was clear from the beginning that Alec is an artist who has a clear vision for what he wants and where he wants to go. Alec basically directs and produces his own content, providing everything we need to get the job done. For "Dress Me Up" Alec wrote the treatment, secured the locations, and provided the talent and extras. This mentality could be detrimental to some projects, like someone whose vision outreaches their resources, but Alec has a good sense of what will work and what won't. 

Fast forward a few months to when Alec is ready for his next video- actually a series of videos. This would be the Low Light Sessions. I did this as Nick Laws Videography since I was no longer working at the production company that handled "Dress Me Up". We set up on his back patio and filmed six songs with multiple cameras. These were a mix of originals and covers featuring Alec on acoustic guitar. I enlisted Chris Martino to help with filming. 

After that, it was time for Alec to make another full-on music video, and he enlisted Matt DeLisi ( to shoot it for him. Matt is quite talented and came from Nashville for the project. I tagged along to shoot some behind-the-scenes footage. This was a unique project for me, since I had never shot any BTS videos before. Once again, Alec had a clear vision of what he wanted and it was nice to see the whole thing from a third person perspective. The video turned out great. You can really see Alec's progress as a songwriter and visual artist. 

Not too much later Alec was back again with another set of Low Light videos. This set was pretty similar to the first, but I feel they turned out even better. By this time I was able to use three 4K cameras and enlisted Chris Martino and Pierre Luke to man cameras. 

Our latest video is for Alec's cover of John Mayer's "In Your Atmosphere", which is a bit of a deep cut. Alec's rendition turned out great, and once again he produced and directed the video. This one was supposed to be simple... basically just Alec by a fire playing along with the recording. The audio was recorded by Shawn Guess ( and Shawn even provided his talents with a drone to capture some awesome aerial shots. We mixed the drone footage with footage I shot both during the day and after sunset to give a relatively simple video a little more dimension. I love the way it turned out. 

I've enjoyed seeing Alec progress over the past couple of years, and I hope that I get to continue to work with him for many more to come. Show him some love at his Instagram or Facebook page.